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BioZkin Breast Booster (BBB)

BioZkin Breast Booster (BBB) -
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BioZkin Breast Booster
Tone, Firm, Increase Elasticity

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been established for thousands of years. The aroma of essential oils does not just make our home smell good. Essential oils have healing properties in both mind and body. These concentrated components of a plant are mixed with carrier oils that are suitable for topical application which are readily absorbed. When inhaled, they can affect our feelings and also cause positive physiological changes in our body.

Did you know?

A lot of women concerns about their breast size while breast health is also very important. BioZkin Breast Booster consists of a blend of essential oils that help to increase skin elasticity around breast, maintain suppleness of skin around breast area, tone and firm breast.


  • Tighten and firm skin around breast
  • Improves age related sagging breast
  • Helps to regain skin elasticity around breast


Jasmine Oil
Helps skin to regain elasticity, tones and firm breast
Tones and firms breast

Ylang ylang oil and Geranium oil
Improve firmness

Cypress Oil
Improve firmness

Argan oil, Rose Squalene and Jojoba oil
Maintain suppleness of skin around breast

Others:: Evening Primrose Oil , Sweet almond oil,

How to use?

Massage oil in a gentle circular motion from the nipple and into the underarm and then back into the middle of your chest (breast bone) for 5 to 10 minutes.

BioZkin difference:

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using during pregnancy.

If you have any questions, Kindly complete the provided contact form, and a member of our clinical team will contact you within one business day.

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