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What are the hidden chemicals in personal care that can cause allergic reactions?

allergic reactions hidden chemicals personal care

Do you have or have you had any skin allergies? What about family members? Have you thought about how this might be related to the daily personal care products you use? Check out your personal care products and you may be surprised what you find out. These are some of the common chemicals that cause allergies.

Chemical preservatives:

Parabens (butyl-, ethyl-, isobutyl-, methyl-, propyl-)

Methylisothiazolinone or methylchloroisothiazolinone (MI or MCI)

Foaming agent:

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)


Synthetic fragrances

Artificial color

Read the labels of your personal care products. Choose products that do not contain any harmful ingredients while still clinically effective. PureFresh hair and body care and Reviive personal care are safe and effective brands our clinical team recommends. BioZkin is a brand that is safe and effective skincare for the whole family. BiosenseClinical specialty skincare is also an effective and safe clinical line for your skin.

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