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Gut health

gut gut health

Keeping our gut healthy is an important path to prevent a lot of diseases. studies have shown the link between gut flora and many chronic illnesses. Our gut consisted of many different types of bacteria, fungus in balance. These good microbes help in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, removing toxins, supporting healthy immune system, and counteract inflammation.

To keep our gut flora healthy, we do need to treat them well with good nutrition:

Minimize processed foods and eat more wholesome foods

Have an adequate fiber and water intake each day to maintain regularity

Supplement with quality probiotics that will assist to restore the ideal environment of our gut

In additional to gut flora, maintaining a healthy digestive system is also essential.

Eat regularly

Eat smaller and more frequent meals help to lessen the stress to our digestive system

Chew more and eat slow - let the saliva breaks down the food more

Supplement with digestive enzymes also help to support proper digestion especially to people who have the food intolerance (e.g lactose, gluten) or weakened digestive function due to illness or aging.

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