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Gut bacteria and brain health

brain health Gut bacteria

Gut bacteria change induced by high fat and sugar diet may be related to the decline in cognitive function. Recent study at Oregon State University revealed such findings in laboratory mice. The mice were being put on a high fat or high sugar diet for 4 weeks versus those on normal diet. The performance of mice on tests involving mental and physical function dropped especially the decline in cognitive flexibility. The most serious impact was high-sugar diet. From the study, it is clearly show that the gut bacteria can communicate with the brain. The gut ‘eco-system’ is greatly influenced by the food we eat and can inversely affect the heath of our brain. High fat and high sugar diet not only contribute to the increase risk of developing obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Eating healthy, leading a healthy lifestyle are important component for our general health being and brain health. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable that we eat food that is high in fat and sugar. Supplementing our gut with various good strains of probiotics would be a decent solution.

Good and viable strains of probiotics help to re-establish the ‘eco-friendly’ gut environment. In addition, replace a meal with healthy protein shake containing probiotics and fiber help us to maintain healthy gut too.


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