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Breast health and essential oils

Breast health Essential oils

Are essential oils smelling good only? Besides aromatherapy, there are other ways that essential oils are beneficial to our health. There have been lots of studies supporting their healing properties for both mind and body. These concentrated components of plants are mixed with carrier oils which are readily absorbed and are suitable for topical application. When inhaled, they can uplift our feelings and also cause positive physiological changes in our body. When applied topically, they are also lots of benefits in maintaining and improving health. The following essential oils are all beneficial to our breast health:

Cypress oil can detoxify lymphatic system and improve drainage of toxins and also improve firmness

Evening primrose oils rich in fatty acids that contribute to healthy breast tissue

Jasmine helps with the protective effect against breast tumor. It also helps to regain elasticity tone and firm breast

Gernaium and ylang ylang oils improve firmness of the breast

BioZkin Breast Booster consists of a blend of essential oils including those listed above that help to increase skin elasticity around breast, maintain suppleness of skin around breast area, tone and firm breast. It is also beneficial to breast health.

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