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B12 Injection: Why Do It

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that has multiple functions in our body, including keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy, helping to make DNA and preventing a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia. While B12 is naturally found in a wide variety of animal foods and certain fortified foods, some diets restrict the intake of B12 and some people are unable to absorb the amount of B12 necessary for daily intake. Due to this, many people have resorted to medical options to ensure they are getting enough B12, such as dietary supplements and more recently, B12 injection.

While there are oral supplements for B12, injection provide a great, safe option for those that lack an intrinsic factor as well as those who have had gastrointestinal surgeries, weight management, or have the inability to break down B12 in its oral form. It is important to note that determining if there is a lack of B12 in the body is not always as simple as taking a blood test to look at B12 levels and each case should be looked at on an individual basis. Be sure to grab your injection and start feeling more energetic today!

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